Excellence in Electronics


Since March of 2020, it is a challenging time for business worldwide...

There's an old adage in the semiconductor industry.  Those who invest and continue development in the tough times will come out stronger on the economic rebound.  I believe this holds true once again. 

Independent Development

Gone are the days of on-site development requirements.

We have on-site CAD tools for simulation and schematic entry.    With high-speed internet, on-site computing power, development is largely independent.  Alternatively, we can VPN in to your secure location.

Need testing?   We have test equipment to validate new products.

Need manufacturing?  There are still PCB manufacturing partners open in some states.

Need prototyping?   We can do basic assembly re-work.

Essential Operations

Emergency Communications / EmComm:

General Radio Operator License (G.R.O.L.)

We are certified by the FCC with a General Radio Operator License (G.R.O.L.), with Radar Endorsement.   On an as-needed basis, we can install-maintain-test-repair, critical radio infrastructure.  This includes public safety fixed sites and mobile vehicles, as well as essential public vessel transportation.  

For example, we have practical experience with SF Bay area Marine Passenger Ferries radio requirements as prescribed by the US Coast Guard.  --- MF/HF, VHF radio communications, GPS receivers, AIS transponders, Digital Selective Calling (DSC), NMEA computer interfaces, antenna installations, and similar. 


We volunteer with and support our local RACES & ARES organizations.  The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) is for government organizational support, as-needed, on an activation basis only.  Typically any communication support will be ran through the city or county Emergency Operations Center (EOC) coordinated with larger jurisdictions.  Trained in basic Incident Command Structure (ICS) provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA.

In contrast, Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) is typically supporting communication with NGO's such as the American Red Cross.  

To date, the COVID-19 virus outbreak is a non-communication emergency.