Analog / RF

Electrical Engineering 

Product Development Specialist


Integrated Circuits

  • Experts at the fundamental CMOS
  • Analog and custom circuit design.
  • Signal Paths:
    • Amplifiers, Filters, ADC
  • Clocks:  PLL, VCO, Crystals
  • RFID, Sub-Threshold design
  • Voltage and Current References
  • Temperature Sensors

Printed Circuit Boards

 Where your products come to life!

Specializing in:

  • Circuit Design
  • Internet of Things (BTLE, WiFi, RFID)
  • Low Power, precision sensors
  • Low Noise 
  • RF / High speed circuits
  • EMI & EMC
  • RF Lab Test, Certification

System Design

 Electronics is about communication 

  > wired & wireless !  

  • Link Budgeting
  • Modulation vs sensitivity
  • From below VHF to  above 10 GHz
  • OSI model, Physical Layer 1
  • Experienced in a variety of SERDES
  • Serial Interface designs

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